in memoriam: Brenda passed away on the 24th of May, 2011

On this page you'll find:

  • that everyone will say: my pet is the best, loveliest, smartest etc.
    And that I do too!
  • I'll introduce you to dog Brenda and cats Rico and Aquí
  • there's a subpage on Aqui's nail-mystery; four of the nails on her backpaws went missing but fortunately grew back

Dog Brenda used to go with me to the old-people home Huis op de Waard, to entertain the residents. Especially the ones with Alzheimers and related diseases were happy to see a dog once in a while.

Ms Kukovic enjoying five minutes alone with Brenda (2007)

Cat Rico gives a high-five and yawns after a command from me, Cat Aquí knows where her 'station' is if she wants food - in that way, she is not curling around my legs like so many other cats do in the kitchen when it is feeding time.

New trick: in October 2009 I taught them to jump through a hoop! Just watch this little film

In november 2009 Rico has progressed to jumping over my outstretched arm as well.

The way to train your pets to perform behaviours you want on command, is by positive reinforcement. I strongly suggest reading 'Don't shoot the dog' by Karen Pryor and 'Animal Training' by Ken Ramirez.

They are both famous trainers in the marine mammal-field but have adapted their methods of operant conditioning to many more species of animals succesfully.
Did you know you can teach a chicken to walk in circles for you?!
And you can even train your colleagues at work: 'Whale Done' by Ken Blanchard is a must read about the power of positive relationships.

Aquí on the 'cat-bench'

Rico looking at his first swan

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